World Fuel | Colt Releases
European Version of Online Flight Planning
OFP™ - File & Go Provides CFMU Validated Route Filing with Eurocontrol

GENEVA (May 19, 2015) – World Fuel | Colt announced the release of the latest version of their OFP™ – File & Go technology at EBACE 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. The newly-enhanced features allow users to validate generated CFMU routes and quickly file with Eurocontrol. This release is part of World Fuel I Colt’s rapidly expanding Regional Trip Support (RTS) solution that integrates cloud-based technology with award-winning Global Trip Support.

Free for active customers, OFP – File & Go is an entry-level version of World Fuel | Colt’s powerful Online Flight Planning (OFP) technology. Unique to the industry’s free flight planning systems, the tool utilizes aircraft performance and real-time temperatures and winds to create routes and generate navigational logs.

“OFP – File & Go is a great addition to our expanding Regional Trip Support portfolio,” said Jeff Briand, SVP of World Fuel | Colt Global Trip Support. “Our European customers will have more accurate flight plans versus other free products and that equates to more accurate fuel burn and lower costs. The European market wants self-service; our RTS solution allows them to do it themselves when they want or use our operations center when then need support.”

OFP – File & Go eliminates planning complexity as the system’s integration with Google Maps allows pilots and dispatchers to build multi-leg itineraries and plan fuel stops based on fuel burns, ETEs and range. Using its proprietary databases of more than 20,000 regulatory, airport and country factors, the system automatically determines the necessary landing permits, slots, and more based on the route. Delivery controls allow trip planners to build customized flight packages and email it to crews.

Users have a simple avenue to upgrade to the full-featured OFP, which includes calculated flight plans, nav fee estimator, runway analysis and weight & balance. Both versions are available on web-enabled devices with 24/7 support from World Fuel | Colt’s award-winning flight operations team, who uses the same technology.

World Fuel | Colt is currently signing up users for the customer pilot. Attendees of EBACE 2015 are encouraged to stop by Stand A006 to sign up or view a live demonstration of OFP – File & Go or any of World Fuel | Colt’s industry-leading technologies and Flight Operations solutions.

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