Manage your spend with the AVCARD and Colt Card together.

Control and Lower Your Aviation Spend

The AVCARD provides the network and tools to control every dollar you spend on aviation. Easily accessible online management tools, Level 3 line item details, consolidated invoices and 24/7 reporting ensure you understand every detail of your aviation spending. AVCARD is a perfect addition to your corporate card programs.

Understand and Consolidate Spending Data

  • View/retrieve invoices online via airPortfolio
  • Query data, export and analyze transactions
  • Analyze monthly statements
  • Request consolidated invoices and custom billing options
  • View Level 3 line item detail and purchase summaries by product, vendor or aircraft number
  • Request customized reports to answer specific questions
  • Request additional cards

Easy and Flexible

Accepted at over 7,600 aviation-related locations, the AVCARD makes travel fast and painless. No matter where you are or when you call, our online and 24/7 support centers will ensure you can focus on getting to your destination. We make it easy to gain rewards, and our flexible credit approach allows you to pay and go.

No Annual Fees

The AVCARD is free to aviation companies and used by pilots, dispatchers and aviation customers worldwide.

Most Widely Accepted Aviation Charge Card in the World

  • Electronically at domestic U.S. FBOs – in and out of network
  • FBOs using paper billing
  • Fuel suppliers use the card to authorize on-demand World Fuel | Colt Contract Fuel
  • International ground service providers
  • Flight planning and weather providers
  • Flight training companies
  • MROs
  • Charter operators
  • Select caterers, limo companies, industry trade groups and various other aviation-related providers

Gain Rewards

The FlyBuys Rewards program allows you to accrue points on every purchase with World Fuel | Colt.

  • Earn points when you use AVCARD, Contract Fuel and Trip Support
  • 2x points at World Fuel Services Network FBOs
  • 4x points at Air Elite Diamond Service locations
  • FlyBuys offers more ways to earn reward points than any other program in the industry
  • FBO/Merchants award bonus points worldwide
  • Flexible reward options like gift cards, merchandise, travel certificates, charitable donations, and World Fuel Services invoice credit
  • FREE membership open to pilots, schedulers, dispatchers, flight crew members and flight departments
  • FlyBuys Rewards Program manages the rewards and redemptions directly with members
  • Card does not have to be swiped to earn points

Built for Aviation

You have many card choices available today, but the AVCARD is specifically designed for aviation. From unique payment options to streamlined billing choices like consolidated invoices, the AVCARD is designed to make the life of an aviation purchaser easier and more effective.

Purchase Everything It Takes to Power a Jet
  • Aviation fuel
  • Ground handling
  • Flight training
  • Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Catering
  • Trip planning
  • And more

Add AVCARD to Your Account

With the addition of AVCARD to your World Fuel | Colt account, you have the tools to manage all your aviation expenditures without giving up the personalized service you expect.