Complete Aviation Tax Consultancy and Advisory Service

Tax laws and regulations around the world are constantly changing, making it difficult for any operator to keep abreast of current requirements. World Fuel | Colt's dedicated Tax Department will ensure you get the information and support you need to ensure compliance. We provide consulting and advisory services to minimize your tax payments and maximize your refunds.

Our Tax Services Can Help You:

  • Develop tax planning solutions
  • Understand rules for Part 91 or 135 operations
  • Recover VAT and energy tax refunds in Europe and North America
  • Enroll in FET and VAT programs globally
  • Save you time and money

European Value Added Tax (VAT) Recovery

Through our partnership with CB VATAmerica, World Fuel | Colt's VAT Recovery Program can significantly reduce your European operating costs. Our VAT-compliant invoices can be automatically sent to the proper authorities, which will enable your flight department to reduce administrative efforts and substantially increase recoveries of VAT and other indirect taxes, such as French TIPP.

VAT Recovery Benefits

  • Maximize European VAT recovery
  • Application of VAT and MOT exemptions permitted by local law
  • Reduced operating costs in Europe
  • Specialized knowledge in unique tax recoveries available to the aviation industry
  • Customized VAT reports
  • Upfront exemptions (charter)
  • Reduced administrative workload

Upfront European VAT Exemptions

Are you taking full advantage of your VAT fuel purchase exemption benefits? World Fuel | Colt is registered in over 40 countries around the world, including all 28 countries in the European Union. Our invoices in these countries are fully VAT-compliant for those clients seeking VAT recovery.

Upfront Canadian Exemptions

World Fuel | Colt can assist with your Canadian exemptions. Remember that Canada exempts departing flights under the following conditions:

  • Business operators departing Canada are exempt from Canada FET
  • Charter flights are exempt from FET, GST and HST when departing Canada after uplift

Canadian and U.S. Excise Taxes (FET)

Both Part 91 and 135 operators in the U.S. and Canada are entitled to a 2½ cent per gallon reduction in FET on fuel purchases. Contact us and find out how we can enroll your aircraft for immediate fuel tax savings.

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