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Having the Colt Card means you'll always be able to rFuelFinder anywhere you go. With partnerships all over the planet, Colt ensures the best price and fastest setup you can get.

We are the nation's most successful contract fuel program.

Colt maintains large credit lines with major suppliers such as Exxon, Air BP, Conoco, ChevronTexaco, and Shell. Our electronic payment system guarantees your payments will be quick and effortless.

A service that works with you.

The biggest issue any company has is finding a contract fueler that meets its needs. Colt works hard to do even better. Prices are competitive, up-front, all-inclusive, and simple so you'll never wonder about an invoice.

Our partners' strengths are our strengths.

We've taken the time to pick the very best fuelers the industry has to offer to guarantee you'll have service you can trust and rely on.

Always looking for even better

Our staff is constantly seeking providers at airports around the globe to add to our already impressive roster. The end goal being to give you every option available but keep the selection process as simple as possible.

Colt's commitment to provide unsurpassed customer service is what makes us the very best at what we do.

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