2014 World Cup in Brazil - July 12 - July 13, 2014

Trip Planning Guide

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Matches are scheduled in 12 cities throughout the country: Rio de Janeiro (SBGL), Belo Horizonte (SBCF), Brasilia (SBBR), Cuiaba (SBCY), Curitiba (SBCT), Fortaleza (SBFZ*), Natal (SBNT*), Porto Alegre (SBPA), Salvador (SBSV), Sao Paulo (SBGR), Manaus (SBEG) and Recife (SBRF).

The Brazilian Authorities have recently released updates to the following airports that we have an impact on operators attending the Finals.

Fortaleza (SBFZ) Parking will be restricted to 3 hours on the ground and hangarage is not available. We are indicating SNAT Aracati to reposition aircraft. Aracati is 100 miles from Fortaleza and there is parking availability, however there is NO IFR and fuel availability.

NATAL (SBNT) This airport will be used exclusively by the Brazilian Air Force and Civilian Aviation is now completely restricted. Operators are instructed to utilize SÃO GONÇALO DO AMARANTE / Governador Aluízio Alves (SBSG) 18 Kms away from Natal.

The final match will be held in Rio de Janeiro on July 13, 2014 at the rebuilt Estadio Mario Fiho, better known as the Maracana - the stadium where the only previous World Cup held in Brazil concluded in 1950.

In preparation for the tournament, Colt has gathered important information to help you plan a successful trip. With limited road and train access between venues, most of the travel between host cities will be via private or commercial aircraft.

If you have plans to attend the matches or travel to Brazil during this time period, please be aware that facilities and services are going to be in short supply. It is better to start planning your trip early as everything from airport parking to ground transportation and hotel accommodations will be in high demand.

Security and Permissions


What is this?

Crime and demonstrations are the main security concerns for travelers to the World Cup. The potential for demonstrations is a serious concern given the outbreak of nationwide protests that occurred during the Confederations Cup (the World Cup test event) in June 2013. Although the threat of terrorism in Brazil is fairly low, a recent threat by the Primero Comando de la Capital (PCC) crime syndicate has raised concerns that Brazil may not be adequately prepared to prevent and/or respond to, terrorist-style attacks.

For a more indepth security analysis contact Colt Trip Support or UnitedHealthcare Global Risk direct via colt@frontiermedex.com

World Cup
Security Report
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Security News

Country Landing Permissions

Brazil requires overflight and landing clearances prior to arrival. Permits can be obtained within 48 hours. Additionally, a Temporary Admission clearance is required for foreign-registered to operate within Brazil. The following information is required:

  • Aircraft registration and Airworthiness Certificate
  • Crew certificates support type and medical information
  • Aircraft insurance

Detailed information on landing requirements and processing instructions for both private and charter is available in the PDFs below.

Private Landing
Charter Landing

For your convenience, we have included links to websites and documents that may support your planning and operations to Brazil during this period.

International Flight Information Manual (IFIM)
ANAC – Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil (National Civil Aviation Agency)

Airport and Slot Permissions

Airport slots will be required for all host city airports. Beginning June 1, 2014 rules will be valid for 45 days. It is expected that General Aviation will have 10% of the airport slots. Slots will be valid 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the assigned time. Opportunity slots will also be available, meaning you have to file the flight plan and wait for the next available departure window.

All flight plans are required to be filed at least 1:30 in advance.

For an overview, consult The Practical Guide for the World Cup, which was published by the Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DECEA):

  • Which airports and alternates will be available for General Aviation
  • Coordinated airports
  • Airspace Defense and Restrictions
  • Definition of Exclusion Areas (dates, times and levels of restrictions: reserved, restricted and prohibited)
Original Portuguese Version: Guía práctica
Translated English Version: Practical Guide


Brazil offers tourists and business travelers a wide range of accommodations, ranging from five-star hotels and resorts to family run "residences". International and domestic hotel chains are found in all large Brazilian cities. For more information on hotel availability, distance to/from venue, airport and more, visit http://hotels.fifa.com/.

Visa Requirements

Crew visas are required for all crew members not possessing certificates issued by a national governing aviation organization, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Direction Generale de l' Aviation Civil (DGAC).

Passenger visas are required and must be obtained in advance as they can not be obtained on arrival. To ascertain visa requirements for US and Foreign nationals, please click on the buttons below.

U.S. Visas
Foreign Visas

Primary and Alternate Airport Considerations:
Select the city from the Destinations list on the left to see the primary and alternate airports. Click the marker on the map for airport information.


  • Belo Horizonte
  • Brasilia
  • Cuiaba
  • Curitibia
  • Fortaleza
  • Manaus
  • Natal
  • Port Alegre
  • Recife
  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Salvador
  • Sao Paulo
Manuas Salvador Brasilia Belo Horizonte Rio De Janeiro Sao Paulo Curitibia Port Alegre Recife Natal Fortaleza Cuiaba

Colt International das Americas, Ltda

Colt International das Americas, Ltda (Colt–South America) opened in São Paulo, Brazil in October 2009. This office focuses on strengthening supplier relationships and providing localized support to operators flying to, from and within Central and South America.

Colt – South America is an independently sufficient facility staffed with local aviation professionals. Their first-hand knowledge of the region allows them to offer expert advice in operational logistics and regulatory requirements to help expedite and simplify operations. This strategic advantage is the added regional benefit our customers experience when coordinating fuel and trip support services. Our team of specialists provides complete trip support services to operators in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, closing the cultural and communication barriers and ensuring a smooth transition within the country.

Colt–South America extends the strength of a global leader, delivering the highest level of personalized service, dependability and value.

Contact Colt–South America
Worldwide +55 11 2924 2568
Email vendas@coltinternational.com

Ground Handling


With over 40 years of experience in Brazil, the second largest aviation market in the world, TAM's goal is to provide the most complete solutions in executive aviation to their clients, including the following services: aircraft charter, management, full FBO facilities and services, aircraft sales, maintenance and training.

TAM is an exclusive representative of Bell, Cessna and FlightSafety in Brazil and can be found at the main airports in the country. A leading company in jet trading in the Brazilian market, they also have the largest aircraft maintenance center in Latin America.

FBO Services

  • International coordination center available 24/7
  • Assistance in Portuguese and English
  • Customs and Immigration support
  • Landing and overflight permits
  • Hangars at the main airports in Brazil
  • Push back and ground equipment available (including lav services, potable water, GPU, push back, among others)
  • Catering arrangements
  • Ground transportation for crew and pax
  • Hotel accommodation arrangements
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • VIP lounges for crew and pax
  • Private parking

TAM Intl Ops Center is located at Congonhas Airport, São Paulo. Rodrigo Arvoredo, Intl Ops Manager, has more than 12 years experience in coordinating and handling international flights coming to Brazil. His team is committed to providing the best solutions for the aircraft coming for the World Cup. Their website includes information about new procedures and NOTAM's that can affect the operations during this period.

Fuel in Brazil

Fuel pricing in Brazil is differentiated by International and Domestic uplifts. Taxes apply on domestic fuel (for trips within Brazilian locations) thus resulting in higher pricing compared to International uplifts (leaving the country).

Domestic fuel can only be billed for a Brazilian customer, like Colt in Brazil, never for a foreign company.

In June and July, Shell has reduced fuel rates at many World Cup locations. Check FuelFinder for the latest pricing.

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TAM Locations in Brazil (Click to See Location Info)

Congonhas / SBSP

Santos Dumont / SBRJ

Brasília / SBBR

Belo Horizonte / SBBH

Belem / SBBE

Bacacheri / SBBI

Boa Vista / SBBV

Confins / SBCF

Campo Grande / SBCG

Corumba / SBCR

Curitiba - SBCT

Foz do Iguaçu

Florianópolis - SBFL

Fortaleza / SBFZ

Galeão / SBGL

Gôiania / SBGO

Guarulhos - SBGR

Joinville / SBJV

Campinas / SBKP

Londrina / SBLO

Maceió / SBMO

Navegantes / SBNF

Recife / SBRF

Ribeirão Preto / SBRP

Salvador / SBSV

Uberlândia / SBUL

Natal / SBNT

General Event Information

Resource Links

The following will provide you with links to web sites that will help with planning your trip to Brazil. This section contains links to sites that provide information on embassies in the US and in Brazil, news feeds, security alerts, information on health and general country statistical information.

Visa and Passports

Travel Docs.com - Passports US Citizens: Requirements for US citizens to enter Brazil (Tourist, Business, Diplomatic and non-US citizens)
Travel Docs.com - Visas US Citizens: Passport Requirements; New, Renewal, Second Valid Passport, Additional passport pages, lost or stolen - Details and printable applications.
Passports and Visas.com All Nationalities: Information on various visa types for all nationalities traveling to Brazil.

Regulatory Resources

International Flight Information Important country information on various topics
Permit Information Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority Website

General Resources

The World Fact Book Country facts as reported by the CIA
Embassy of United States US Embassy in Brazil: Contact information, news and events.
US Department of States A list of all current Travel warnings issued by the state department for any country in the world
U.S. Department of State A list of all current Travel warnings issued by the state department for any country in the world
Other Embassies Ability to find Brazil embassy in other countries.
World Health Organization General health statistics, contact information, and other resource information.
Center for Disease Control Health Information for travelers to Brazil
International Travel Information Country Specific Information: International travel, Passport, visa, medical, general country infrastructure, crime, laws and policy
News: Reuters Latest news on Brazil as distributed by Reuters news agency.
News: Fox News Latest news on Brazil as distributed by the Fox news agency.
News: The Guardian Latest news on Brazil as distributed by the Guardian news agency.
Worldwide Country Code Info Complete guide to make a phone call from anywhere in the world.

The information provided is based on current information at time of publication and may be subject to change.
Please contact your Colt Trip Support specialist for assistance and services.

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