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Your pilots require dependable, accurate flight plans and weather briefs in their preferred format. Trust our specialists to deliver optimal routes that also consider safety and fuel efficiency. Always accurate. Always reliable.

Custom flight planning

Colt Trip Support uses the most reliable and dependable data available to ensure your pilots get the mission-critical information they need. Our flight planning engine is loaded with a comprehensive library of aircraft performance data to guarantee we can support your specific aircraft.

With hundreds of flight plan formats available, you're certain to find one that is clearly laid out and organized according to your preferences. Fuel burns, navaids, and fixes are easy to read and notate.

Every individual plan is quality controlled for route accuracy, Eurocontrol compliance, airway closures, fuel reserves, and safety. Additionally, our uplink capabilities will save you time and accuracy when conducting preflight checks.

Contact a Colt Trip Support professional at (281) 280-2200 or email us to get started arranging your next trip.

Additional features include:
  • Database of over 550 different aircraft types
  • Aircraft performance database - aircraft manufacture recommended data
  • Customized aircraft record for customer requested changes
  • Optimized minimum time routes, customer preferred routes or a combination of both
  • Customized altitude profile based on customer or ATC preferences or optimization
  • Optimized flight plan for fuel, payload or a combination of both
  • Comprehensive airport database
  • Reclear and redispatch routes
  • ETOP route planning
  • Optimize routings around restrictive routings and country and area avoidance
  • Flight plans are based on the latest wind models which are updated every six hours
  • A comprehensive Arinc-424 navigation data that is updated every 28 days
  • Worldwide ATC flight plan filing
  • Equal Time Point (ETP) computations
  • EU ETS data to make reporting easy
  • RAIM Predictions
  • NAT Track Message
  • Route plot with graphical weather overlay
  • 24 hour support

Aviation weather and meteorology

Adverse weather conditions are inevitable and can quickly impact the safety of your flight and assets. Our business aviation weather products deliver the information your people need to make the correct decisions.

All Colt weather briefings are produced by degreed meteorological specialists who deliver accurate worldwide information and forecasts through custom programming and expert analysis.

We provide a full array of weather packages, including all
of the following:

Standard WX brief:
  • Significant Weather Charts
  • Wind/Temperature Charts, flight level specific
  • Textual (TAFs, METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and PIREPs)
  • Enroute weather synopsis
Preliminary pilot brief:
  • TAFs
  • Synoptic Forecast
  • Wind/Temperature Charts, flight level specific
Weather Updates:
  • Up-to-the-minute weather developments delivered directly to pilot
  • Updates include the latest metars, tafs, sigmets, airmets, aireps, pireps, observations, and any other relevant graphical charts
Passenger Weather:
  • Your passengers will know exactly what to expect with our plain text and visual icon weather briefings
  • Three and five day forecasts available

Our full weather packages encompass applicable weather forecasts specific to your flight schedule and applied flight levels. Additionally, our Trip Support Center is staffed with certified meteorologists 24/7/365 to conduct immediate technical weather briefings when conditions get critical.

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