Make informed decisions

Delivering a more robust, rich product, Colt seeks to prepare and protect its customers. Working with UnitedHealthcare Global Risk, Colt is able to provide your company with up-to-date, personalized intelligence for anywhere you might want to go.

Around the world, in any country

Worldwide monitoring of events provides you with the ability to be updated about conditions on the ground before landing and remain alert of arising developments anywhere along your trip.

Colt can deliver real-time intelligence reports specific to your destination country, city, airport or hotel. Our realistic and unbiased security data quickly gives you a snapshot into what you, your passengers and your crew can expect on arrival and while traveling within the surrounding region.

Identifying these early warnings days before take-off allows you to take appropriate measures to mitigate those risks with any combination of aircraft security, secure transportation, a security-trained driver and executive-level protection.

These services are provided through our trusted security partner, UnitedHealthcare Global Risk; hand-selected by Colt for the value they offer our customers through its team of in-house intelligence analysts and its thoroughly-vetted, worldwide network of security partners.

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Personalized results

Customized reports and briefs are available via phone, fax, and email. These risk assessments are tailored to your needs and provide you with specific recommendations in the event of a threat or potential security issues. At your request, we can also advise you on local etiquette and protocols from UnitedHealthcare Global Risk's analysts.

The analysts assess security concerns based on real-time information from UnitedHealthcare Global Risk's extensive network of security hubs located in the UAE, UK, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Portugal and Libya in addition to United Health Care's offices in 34 countries.

If you're a member of UnitedHealthcare Global Risk, you'll also have access to their daily intelligence summaries. Three times each business day, you'll receive email summations of notable events and potential travel issues.

UnitedHealthcare Global Risk's intelligence includes
  • In-depth risk forecasting and analysis
  • Digital maps and real-time alerts
  • Detailed and continuous coverage of breaking events
  • Threat level ratings and local law enforcement capabilities
  • Country and city profiles
  • Transportation concerns and safety
  • Essential travel and cultural data
  • Business information and demographics
  • 365-day security events database
  • Simple threat levels
Learn more about threat levels

Threat Level 1 - Very Low

Very few prominent security concerns and an extremely low rate of violent crime. These issues rarely affect individuals or organizations.


Threat Level 2 - Low

Several low-level security issues, but they pose minimal risk to individuals and organizations. Violent crime occurs, but it is not common. Demonstrations may occur, but they present more of a risk to travel convenience than security. Terrorism could be a concern in this area, but the threat is general in nature.

Basic security precautions can mitigate a majority of these concerns.


Threat Level 3 - Medium

Incidents of violent crime, terrorism and/or extremist activity occur more frequently, but are still sporadic. Regional insurgencies or other ethnic or sectarian conflicts may sometimes affect this area, but its overall impact is limited in scope of geography. The nature of the regime may also represent a concern.

Individuals and organizations should practice heightened security measures.


Threat Level 4 - High

Incidents such as armed robbery, carjacking, civil unrest, terrorism and/or extremist activity can occur frequently. Political instability and ineffective governance may compound security and business concerns.

The likelihood of security issues physically impacting individuals and organizations is elevated. Organizations should take extra care to guard against threats to personnel and/or facilities in these locations.


Threat Level 5 - Very High

Violent crime, volatile situations of civil unrest and terrorist and/or extremist attacks are rampant. There may be armed conflict within or across national borders.

If travel or business is undertaken in these areas, extreme vigilance is required.

Be secure in your person and your aircraft

Personal security & transportation

Your safety is Colt's first priority. That's why we chose UnitedHealthcare Global Risk as our security partner. Secure drivers and executive protection agents within UnitedHealthcare Global Risk's partner network are English-speaking, licensed, background checked and drug tested.

These thoroughly vetted and well-trained drivers and agents are fully capable of providing you with the level of protection you need.

Aircraft security

Security threats and inadequate security safeguards at airports can lead to intentional and unintentional damage to your aircraft. Strict aircraft protection deters against vandalism, threats and unauthorized access.

Through UnitedHealthcare Global Risk, a full range of aircraft security services are available. Its uniformed aircraft security guards provide uninterrupted, 24-hour security on the Tarmac. Thoroughly vetted through extensive background checks and drug testing, the guards adhere to a strict list of post-order procedures and can only be dismissed from duty by the aircrew.

Learn about security levels


Low level - Secure Transportation

Secure transportation is gives you peace of mind. With Colt's security services, you can rest assured that your driver is awaiting your arrival and your driver is who they say they are.

Forty-eight hours prior to your pickup, your driver's name, cell phone number, vehicle type and plate number are provided to you. Often, a photograph of the driver is available and is also provided.

Your transportation arrangements are communicated to the handler in advance and again thirty minutes prior to your scheduled arrival, when your driver is required to be in position.

To ensure your safety and the high quality of its service, UnitedHealthcare Global Risk calls its drivers 30 minutes before every pickup.


Mid Level – Security-Trained Driver

There are some locations – threat level three and above – where a security trained driver is the base level of service for personal protection. In these medium- to high-risk areas – where violent crime, terrorism and extremist activity are likely threats – UnitedHealthcare Global Risk deems a Security-Trained Driver necessary.

Trained in tactical and evasive driving techniques, these drivers avoid and evade dangerous situations. By pre-planning routes, they avoid vulnerable choke points, traffic jams and high-crime areas. Their additional training ensures they are able to evade danger if encountered.


High Level – Executive Protection

Some places and situations around the world warrant additional security measures for executives, expatriates, crew members and travelers. In these high-risk situations – plagued with rampant violence, civil unrest and frequent terrorist or extremist attacks – an executive protection agent provides protection against assault, kidnapping, assassination and loss of confidential information.

They are able to do so through a combination of training that includes unarmed combat, tactical driving, first aid and firearms tactics. If allowable by local laws, the agent is also armed.

The strength of partnership

UnitedHealthcare Global Risk uses the best technology, methods, and people to provide clients with the information they need to make the best decisions about their travel plans. With offices in the Africa, Canda, China, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, our partner is able to extend the capabilities Colt already offers.

It doesn't stop there.

If you would like to use UnitedHealthcare Global Risk on your own, you'll have everything Colt can coordinate with their help as well as access to their unique tools. SecureFlite™, an all-inclusive approach to aviation security, and Travel Security Manager, their online risk assessment tool for locating and communicating with your travlers abroad, are just some of their offerings.

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