Fuel Study Certifies Colt's Reliability

Geneva, Switzerland (May 1, 2010) – An ARGUS audit confirmed Colt International accurately invoices customers more than 99 percent of the time. The study sets a new standard in accountability for fuel suppliers and could change the way flight departments shop for fuel.

Explaining the importance of the findings, Colt International's President, Malcolm Hawkins, said, "We are convinced that much of our growth is coming from flight departments who are disappointed in fuel management companies, resellers, and software programs who promise an unbeatable fuel price, then invoice at a higher rate. ARGUS validates the trust that our customers place in us."

Colt's internal research finds many flight departments waste countless dollars every year on overbillings.

"Even if a flight department discovers the inaccurate invoice, they then have to spend hours trying to fix the problem," said Kevin Wilkerson, Colt's Director of Marketing. "Many are reevaluating the purchasing process and deciding to partner with dependable vendors whom they can trust. We're proud that the ARGUS study supports the decision of thousands of flight departments to make Colt their preferred flight support company."

For the full text of how ARGUS summarized their findings and to learn more about how flight departments can fight back against invoice mismanagement, please download the white paper "Eliminating Invoice Errors: How to make your fuel purchases more efficient and less costly to manage" at www.coltinternational.com/prinvoice/ or visit our booth in Geneva at EBACE 2010.

About Colt International

Colt International is a leading provider of fuel and international trip support for corporate aviation. Over 3,000 global destinations are supported by a network of offices based in the E.U. and both North and South America. Colt provides more than 12,000 aircraft with unmatched customer service and significantly reduces their operating costs.

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About ARGUS International, Inc.

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is the industry leader in providing specialized aviation services to companies that manufacture, finance, operate, maintain, and market commercial and business aircraft, as well providing products and services to end-user consumers worldwide. ARGUS is the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines. Founded in 1995, key ARGUS services include Charter Evaluation & Qualification (CHEQ) and CHEQPoint, PRISM (Professional Resources In System Management), TRAQPak market intelligence data service, aircraft operating cost reports, market research, and aviation and travel consulting. ARGUS is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with additional offices in Doylestown, PA, Denver, CO, and Columbus, OH. For more information, please visit www.aviationresearch.com