Colt International Takes the Lead in International
Trip Support Services

Houston (May 3, 2012) – Colt International has taken the top spot in this year's Professional Pilot Magazine's annual rankings of the world's Best International Trip Planning companies. Colt secured the honor by capturing high marks based on industry votes in service quality, value, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

The key to Colt's success, says Colt Senior Vice President of International Trip Support, Jeff Briand, is listening to its customers. "Many of our customers expressed concerns about issues within the industry that made their trips a hassle at times," explained Briand. "Some of the main complaints international operators were having about Trip Support Companies revolved around shortcomings in customer service, a lack of continuity, and problems with the invoicing process. Knowing this, we have poured significant resources into ensuring those areas are strengths of ours. That is the driving force behind our high levels of customer satisfaction."

With customers' needs placed at the forefront, Colt developed a system where each employee is trained on all aspects of a trip. Rather than passing customers from department to department, Colt immediately connects clients with their personal expert who is completely familiar with their entire mission. Vice President of International Operations Rich Harper revealed that this smaller, more personal team concept differs from the standard assembly line method used by many Trip Support Providers. "This unique structure allows our people to provide the attention to detail and personal service that so many operators are searching for."

Colt has also gained customer trust with upfront pricing and quotes. There are no hidden fees with Colt's services, so clients aren't surprised when they receive their bill. Colt makes its invoices simple, clean and easy to read. "Customers feel good about, 'what you see is what you get,'" added Harper. "No one likes a surprise in the form of an invoice that is more than quoted or is difficult to understand."

Colt International CEO, Joel Purdom, attributes the top finish to the efforts of his employees. "It's the dedicated people within our buildings around the world who deserve the spotlight." Purdom elaborated, "Their expertise, dependability, and unmatched service is what secured us the number one spot. They have earned our client's confidence that, in Colt's hands, their missions will be a success."

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Colt International is a leading provider of aviation services for corporate flight departments. More than 3,000 global destinations are supported by a network of offices based in the EU, and both North and South America. Colt provides more than 14,000 aircraft with unmatched customer service and significantly reduces their operating costs.

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