Colt Targets China Aircraft Boom

Webster (April 12, 2013) – Business aviation is growing rapidly in and around China, and Colt International's fuel sales for the Pacific Rim have mirrored that trend.

"We're expecting 2013 to be our third straight year that fuel sales grow by 50 percent," said Daniel Coetzer, Managing Director of Colt International Europe. "Our customer base in China has increased by about 40 percent and we have more European customers visiting the Pacific Rim than ever before."

In 2012, China's business jets topped 336, and 96 of those aircraft were added just that year, according to a survey conducted by Asian Sky Group, a business aviation services consultant based in Hong Kong, China.

Most of the large operators and management companies are already Colt customers, Coetzer said, and lately they've had access to much better fuel prices.

"Over the last few months, our pricing has dropped significantly," said Nigel Harris, Colt's Network Director. "Our customers are noticing that, and we're seeing an uptick in uplifts."

Colt customers have access to exclusive pricing at more than 40 main general aviation airports in China and more than 3,000 fueling locations worldwide. The Colt Card was voted by pilots as the No. 2 fueling card in business aviation for the 2013 Pro Pilot PRASE Awards.

"Due to the exceptional service we offer our clients worldwide, we've gained market share in the Pacific Rim," Coetzer said. "We will continue to expand our presence in Asia and the Pacific Rim over the next five years in order to provide regional customers with the best customer experience possible."

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