Trip View - Manage Trips with Confidence

Follow Trip Progress Anytime, Anywhere

Trip View is an easy-to-use, online trip information tool that puts every trip detail at your fingertips, 24/7 from any web-enabled device. It gives you an all-access pass to the industry's most reliable information, keeping you and your team up-to-date with status reports on flight plans, ground services, permits, weather, and more.

Real-Time Updates Throughout Flight Planning

Trip View's color-coded service confirmation indicators allow you to quickly manage all details of your trip. The system's real-time checklist and on-demand reports keep everyone informed, which means better quality control and no delays on confirmations.

It is continuously updated with actual movement times overlaid against schedule times, allowing for real-time comparisons of aircraft location. Trip View keeps everyone aligned with trip legs and schedules, ordered services and their status, real-time weather, NOTAMs, and more.

Easy-to-Understand Maps and Graphics

Trip View leverages Colt OFP's innovative, 3D interactive map technology for faster access to actual flight paths, plus in-depth information on airport, handler, leg, or services. Trip View's newest innovation enhances flight briefings with full details, maps, graphics, and leg-specific country resources for visa, passports, CAA, and AIP information.

Free Access to All the Data in Seconds

With 24/7 access via the cloud, you can view real-time trip service statuses and download individual reports on-demand. Whether you need to do destination research or improve your situational awareness, we provide you full access to the same data our team uses to manage your trip - no cost or subscriptions required.

Access Key Trip Information with One Click:
  • Graphical route/permit displays
  • Detailed overflight and permit information
  • Airport runway maps
  • Alternate airport information
  • Aircraft movements
  • Itineraries
  • Leg and trip service summaries
  • Leg specific country resources
  • Country entry requirements
  • Crew and passenger manifests
  • Airport, city, and country aviation bulletins
  • NOTAMs
  • Expanded view of airport, handler, and country reports
  • Flight plan overlaid on map
  • Delivery packages
  • Real-time weather
  • Passenger weather briefs
  • Security alerts and recommendations by leg

Connected with Colt Trip Support

Trip View is powered by the same system that our team uses to manage your trip, so you see what we see. It is connected directly with Colt Trip Support and accessible by everyone on your team.

Request changes with Trip View's internal messaging feature. Messages sent through this feature are received via email by our entire trip support services team, ensuring a quick response.

Try Trip View

Free for all Colt customers with an active trip. Since it is cloud-based, no downloads are required. Try Trip View and manage trips with confidence.