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Landing and overflight permits

Working with government institutions all over the world can be difficult and time-consuming. Count on Colt to secure the overflight and landing permits you need. Whether your routing is simple or complex, we ensure that each permit is obtained quickly. We also know that missions and schedules can change quickly. That's Why World Fuel | Colt offers the industry's most flexible permit acquisition system. Unlike other companies, if your flight pushes back by as much as 24 hours, we don't charge for securing a 2nd permit.

Slots and domestic AROs

Colt's SLOT and domestic ARO arrangements save you time and ensure you are covered at high-traffic international or domestic airports that require reservations for arrivals and departures. Let us know your preferred landing and takeoff times, and our specialists will handle all necessary communications on your behalf.

Customs - US and Canada

Let our flight operations specialists assist you with your next customs clearance for the United States. We can arrange clearance prior to your flight and then flight follow to the customs authorities with an updated ETA once you have departed. For flights to Canada, we can fill out and submit a customs form to Canada Border Services prior to your flight that ensures they have all necessary trip and manifest details. Although Canada Border Services still requires a phone call from the Captain at least 2 hours prior to arrival, this will ensure they have prior knowledge of your flight details.


Apis information must be complete and correct. Any errors may cause delays and even fines. Whether you need private US e-Apis, charter US e-Apis, or Caribbean CARICOM, trust our specialists to guide you through the entire process. We will ensure submissions are sent in a timely and accurate manner directly to US Homeland Security or Caribbean Community (not through a third party), and will store your data for future use.

Border overflight exemptions

BOEs can be an easy way to save time and money for private flights needing to clear customs in the US. Our specialists can arrange a BOE on your behalf at an airport with customs that will allow you to fly straight to your destination without first having to stop at a designated airport of entry. These can be arranged on an annual basis, allowing you to save time and money multiple times throughout the year.

Cuba block permits

Do you need to fly over Cuba on short notice? Colt has the ability to arrange very short notice overflight permits. As an additional option Colt can also arrange block overflight permits that can be used on an adhoc basis to allow you to overfly as often as you need.

Our specialists can arrange a block permit using your tail number or call sign. Savings after only 3 uses per month. Should you need assistance on more limited occasions, contact our office for access to one of Colt's block permits set aside just for this type of flight.

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