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Effective November 15th, 2012 ICAO will be implementing changes to the format of the ICAO flight plan

These changes will include:

  • Changes to the way the aircraft equipage and capabilities are communicated to provide more details, primarily in fields 10 and 18.
  • Format of the data fields from single alpha to two character alphanumeric.

Contact Information

Performance Based Navigation (RNAV2)

Performance Based Navigation (RNAV1)

Performance Based Navigation (RNP4)
Basic RNP 1

PBN - RNP Approach

PBN - RNP Approach - Authorization Required


Indicate on the right if E is 1 or 99

Secondary Surveillance Radar (other than Mode S)

Secondary Surveillance Radar (Mode S)



Standard Communication and Navigation approach
aid equipment

Approach with Vertical Guidance

Long Range Navigation
Distance Measuring Equipment

Automatic Direction Finder
Global Navigation Satellite System
High Frequency Radio
Inertial Navigation Systems
Data Link Type

Microwave Landing System
Instrument Landing System
Air Traffic Control Radio Telephony

Field 10 A Navigation / Communication

Performance Based Navigation (RNAV10)
Performance Based Navigation (RNAV5)