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No matter where you fly, we offer a full range of personalized and professional support services designed to ensure that every trip is successful. You can trust Colt International to deliver superior levels of service that your crew and passengers need to successfully accomplish their missions.

Aircraft ground handling

Our worldwide network of ground handlers are selected based on your needs and their abilities. Your pilots and passengers will find comfort in the knowledge that the field's most experienced and dependable agent awaits their arrival.

Our FBO/Handler development team carefully pre-qualifiies each ground handling agency to guarantee a trusted partner will be available for all your aircraft needs.

We routinely inspect facilities and personnel to ensure we provide you with the very best ground support personnel available who stand ready to:

  • Secure aircraft parking
  • Arrange all necessary ground equipment
  • Personally greet and escort your passengers
  • Provide lavatory and potable services
  • Deliver inflight catering
  • Handle all baggage
  • Provide cabin services
  • Fulfill any other concierge service needs
  • Prepare your documents to clear customs and immigration

Ground transportation

Wherever your journeys may take you, we offer a variety of ground transportation services that save you time and ensure your people get the first class service they expect. Whether you need a luxury sedan, large passenger van, or an armored vehicle, our transportation partners provide English-speaking drivers and the proper vehicle and service your people require.


Colt's SecurityBriefs are available for a specific country, city, airport or hotel and now provide additional value through the customization of its briefings. Each is tailored to account for who is going, the purpose of the trip and the length of the stay.


We can book in-flight catering services anywhere in the world. Trust our specialists to guarantee you get the quality that your people expect and deserve.

Hotel accommodations

We believe that the best trips happen when people discover the smartest hotel choices for their travel needs. Our specialists can help you do just that. We can easily find and reserve your favorite hotel–or help you tap into a wealth of community insights to make an informed choice from thousands of properties around the globe.

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