Our network of FBOs, agents, fuelers,
and service vendors are carefully chosen
to support your goals.

With direct access to over 17,000 providers around the world, Colt has the best network in the industry. We'll never push you to a specific provider giving you the freedom to choose anyone you prefer.

A community of handling professionals

Colt works to provide each of our clients with first-rate solutions. We vet each location to be of exceptional quality, reasonable rates, and superb crew and passenger facilities. By allying ourselves with the foremost ground handlers, we can remain flexible-a quality you won't find anywhere else.

We can accommodate any request you might have for as many crew and passengers you have on any aircraft you fly. Our higher standards ensure and promote unparalleled quality while abiding by your specific preferences. We have no hidden charges, no added costs or fees, rapid payment, and clear concise invoices.

The most reliable fuel providers

Never wonder if your fuel request will be honored. Colt has done all the legwork vetting and negotiating with fuelers internationally to ensure you'll get the best service at the lowest price. We strive for error-free billing and achieved this 99 percent of the time, according to an outside audit. If mismanaged invoices are wasting your time and money, Colt can solve that problem so you can spend your time on what matters.

Who you select for fuel is entirely up to you, Colt won't direct you to one provider over another. The invoices we send to you are simple and clear with no hidden fees or unknown charges.

The Colt Card

Paying for fuel is as easy as swiping your card. With a supply network of over 3,000 locations, using your Colt Card will get you preferred pricing at all of them.

Get exclusive access to:
  • Pre-negotiated fuel pricing with no membership or management fees
  • The most available fueling options and locations in contract fuel
  • 24/7 assistance from the largest fuel staff in the industry
  • Tax exemptions, refunds, and reductions, including VAT-compliant invoices

Vendor services

Colt finds the best in the industry to take care of your individual requests. Working together with industry leaders, Colt is able to quickly turn your requests into a reality. This network of strong agents and service affliliates means you and your crew will be well taken care of on and off the tarmac. We bring fast easy access to uplink providers, intelligence reports, security operations, and more.

The only phone call you'll need to make

Trust in Colt to handle whatever you desire promptly and efficiently. Whether it's catering for the passengers or ground transportation for your crew, Colt leverages the experience of our network and regional offices to ensure your needs are met. We work directly with handlers, fuelers, and service providers all over the planet to get the lowest prices by promising:

  • No hidden charges
  • No added administrative costs or fees
  • Direct relationships with providers
  • Rapid payment