Plan With Power

OFP gives pilots, schedulers and dispatchers control with unparalleled access to powerful trip planning tools. This cutting-edge system allows users to quickly access the statuses of multiple trips at a glance and includes a unique alert indicator system that highlights critical service components, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

OFP graphically renders details of a calculated flight plan in seconds. With overlays of route, altitude, weather, winds and more, route building has evolved from a textual format to robust visuals. These graphical renderings are displayed side-by-side with regulatory requirements, airport information, security alerts and other key data.

Enhance Situational Awareness

With OFP you have the power of Google Maps to depict your flight plan with interactive visuals. Drag-and-drop controls allow you to zoom, change map views or interactively change your route. Real-time weather, winds and FIRs give you the most accurate picture of your route and its conditions.

Itinerary Planner

Save time with simplified trip planning. Input simple trip criteria and filter results in Itinerary Planner to quickly decide trip feasibility and plan technical stops. This system creates a visual output and allows the user to drag and drop to manipulate the route - all with color-coded fuel burn, ETE and distance range warnings displayed.

Calculate Accurate Enroute Times

Eliminate the guesswork. Calculate accurate enroute times by simply entering intended city pairs and planned departure or arrival times.

Unparalleled Access to Key Data

Access an unprecedented amount of key data in one system. OFP's databases provide information on airports, handlers, regulatory requirements and more throughout the planning process. This eliminates the need to use multiple sources for trip planning.

Plan a Flight, File a Plan for Free

Use OFP – File & Go, a complementary version of OFP, to build routes, create weather packages, calculate enroute times and file with ATC. Designed for the user who needs fast and easy planning without sacrificing power, File & Go has the accuracy you need with all the aviation content you desire in one fast and easy-to-use cloud interface.

  • Plan itineraries and fuel stops
  • Build and send flight packages
  • Generate a navigation log and validate with CFMU
  • File directly with ATC

OFP’s Key Features and Tools

  • Calculate enroute times based on planned arrival or departure times
  • Modify flight plan details without an additional charge
  • Simplify route building with flight path and altitude information overlaid on navigation charts
  • See regulatory requirements and geopolitical details
  • Calculate for critical fuel, driftdown and ETOPS compliance
  • Electronic ATC filing in US and Canada
  • Create email and fax flight plan packages
  • Customize flight plan formats with hundreds of output options
  • Visualize status of all plans simultaneously with an easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Access ATC routes and coded departure routes
  • Estimate operating costs with navigational fee information
  • Request support 24-hours-a-day, every day; on-site training also available
  • Work seamlessly with World Fuel | Colt Flight Operations, who utilize the same flight planning engine
  • Integrates SkyVector® and NavTech technologies
  • Option to upgrade to Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance from Aircraft Performance Group
Ancillary Tools
  • Datalink communications from Satcom Direct®
  • Weight and Balance from APG
  • Runway Analysis from APG
  • RAIM prediction tools from the FAA

Try OFP™

Begin with the basic File & Go version, then upgrade to the full-featured OFP as needed. Upgraded highlights include the complete aircraft performance envelope - calculated flight plans, runway analysis and weight and balance.